Easy@Home Fuel Cell Breathalyzer for Alcohol Indication on Breath EAT-05FL

Easy@Home Fuel Cell Breathalyzer for Alcohol Indication on Breath EAT-05FL

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The Easy@Home EAT-05FL Fuel Cell Breathalyzer is intoxication guide for determining Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). The breathalyzer determines a BAC % with the use of fuel sell sensor technology. Provides an accurate and precise reading in seconds by blowing into mouthpiece. Results are analyzed and shown on display in seconds;

The scale breathalyzer is intelligently designed with display and error notifications. Know when batteries need to be replaced, when to test again because your breathe was not steady enough for a proper reading, when you have a high BAC %, or you have the max BAC % reading-greater than a 4.0 reading- “HOT displays” on the screen and an alarm sounds.


The breathalyzer is for personal use meeting DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements, perfect for individuals who want to test at home or on the go. Easy@Home Fuel Cell Breathalyzer has a unique long service life. Calibration is required only after 500 uses or 6 months, whichever comes first. Contact Easy@Home for Calibration Services.

Easy@Home Fuel Breathalyzer Features:

·Long Lasting Advanced Fuel Sensor

· Fast response time 3-22 seconds

·Accuracy +/- 0.005% BAC

· Detection range 0.000-0.400% BAC

·Warmup time =15-35 seconds

·Power Supply 2 1.5V AAA Alkaline batteries (included)

Calibration-every 6 months or after 500 tests


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