Easy@Home Single Panel Drug Test Q&A

Does a faint line still mean a negative result?

Yes, a faint line T (Test) line is negative drug screen result as the C (Control) line is present. As you can see in the negative test result photos below, the PCP strip is much lighter in color than the MOP, but the result is still negative.

How soon can I read the results?

Negative results can be read as soon as 2 minutes, and positive results can be read up to 5 minutes. Do NOT read after 5 minutes.

How do I perform the test?

Collect a fresh urine sample in a clean, dry, and sterile cup. Remove the cap from the dip card, and insert the absorbent end of the test into the urine sample, as close to the black max line, without going over, for a full 10 seconds. Read the results at 5 minutes.

What are some causes for invalid test results?

There are a variety of reasons for invalid test results. A few are listed below:

There is not enough of the urine sample to saturate the testing strips.

There is too much urine beyond the max line of the dip card.

Tampering with the sample could cause an invalid test result, if the specific gravity or pH of the sample is too low. The presence of water or chemical agents mixed with the urine can also affect the results.

The insert says the detection time for marijuana is "up to 5+ days". Shouldn't detect marijuana for up to a month, like normal lab tests?

The day rule is a general rule to apply to one-time use, when the amount consumed exceeds the tests cut off level of 50ng/ml (Nano Grams per Milliliter). However, estimating the detection time of a drug in urine varies depending on:

Drug dose.

Route of administration.

Duration of use(acute or chronic).

Rate of metabolism.

Are there any drugs or substances that are cross reactive with the THC test panel?

Yes. If the drug meets the 50 ng/ml THC cutoff level, then it has the potential to test positive in a cross reaction. Such drugs include; Dronabinol, Marinol, Efavirenz, Sustiva, Hemp seed oil, Pantoprazole, Prontonix, Prilisec, and Prevacid.

WHY: In general, THC stays in the system longer than any other drug due to the fact that THC residue stays in the fat cells. The possible duration of THC remaining in the system varies depending on how heavy the dose was, how regularly the drug was consumed, body mass, etc. For most light smokers, THC will be present in the body for 30 days, and heavy smokers can take up to 4 months or more to clear THC out from their body.

What does cross reactivity mean?

Cross-reactivity of structurally similar substances is a phenomena associated with immunoassay drug testing, result in false positive or negative results. Manufacturers will test for common potential interfering substances and list these on package inserts. However, it is not possible to test every compound. Also, some compounds ingested in therapeutic dosage may not cross-react, but when abused in higher doses, may significantly influence urine immunoassay results.

TIP: You can find a cross-reaction chart at link: https://healthcare-manager.com/pages/cross-reactions

Why am I getting a false positive result?

A common reason for a false positive is that you have ingested a food or over-the-counter medication that will also test positive in a drug test due to similar chemical properties. Since the list of positive test including food and medication is extremely extensive, we suggest looking up the drug you tested positive for, and what could have produced a false positive . Another possibility is that the drug test used was invalid. Although our drug tests have proven to be accurate over 99% of the time. If this is the case, we suggest trying again with a new drug test.

Does drinking a lot of water affect urine tests?

Drinking a large amount of water does dilute the urine sample, but this is only applicable if the individual was already very close to the cutoff level of the test to begin with. Example: If the cutoff level is 40 ng/ml and the person had 43 ng/ml of the drug in their urine, they might be able to lower it to 39.3 ng/ml by drinking a lot of water. However, if they had 4000 ng/ml of the drug in their system, drinking water would not affect the result.

Can I test positive for marijuana from second-hand smoke exposure?

No, the levels of marijuana you receive from second hand smoke exposure is not high enough to test positive for the cutoff level of 50ng/ml. Second hand smoke will add to your concentrations but it will be at very low levels that our test will not detect from exposure to second hand smoke.