How to choose different TENS Unit Models?



When looking for a TENS UNIT from Easy@Home for pain relief or muscle recovery, there are many things to consider. Are you looking for rechargeable or battery operated? Perhaps you want wireless? A touch screen may be important as found with the EHE010 model. Maybe you have pain in more than one area so 2 independent channels is a must, like with the EHE009 or EHE012PRO model.

Portability, intensity level, and a variety of massage modes are strengths of the mini EHE029G model.  This model is powerful with 20 intensity levels and 16 massage modes, packing a punch for a smaller device. The EHE015 is also small, lightweight, and portable being completely wire free in a small butterfly shape.

The main things you may want to look at when determining which Easy@Home tens model fits your needs is if it is TENS, TENS&EMS, or TENS/EMS/HEAT. TENS is perfect for pain relief; EMS for muscle stimulation and blood circulation, and HEAT for soothing relaxation including menstrual cramps and bloating. EHE018 is the model that currently has all three, a true 3 in 1 solution. You can find it here.

 Make sure you have the intensity levels (10 or 20) to suite your pain needs and massage mode/pulse frequency requirements. If you want to treat 2 areas on your body simultaneously, make sure the model you choose has two independent channels.

It really depends if you are on the go with your tens or not, what type of pain you have, and what features are important to you.  If you look further into these questions, you surely will find a Easy@Home tens that suits you and your needs!

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