Drug Test Panels and Cutoff Levels

Test panels and cutoff levels are two main parts of the drug testing process. The drug test panels indicate which drug is being tested by the 3 letter initials such as THC, COC and OXY. Below the panels are the testing windows. This is where the test (T) and control (C) lines will appear.

If the test line appears, the result is negative. The darkness of the test line does not matter. As long as a test line appears, the result is negative. No test line means the result is positive.  A control line should be present during every single test. If it does not appear, the test is invalid.

Understanding how our tests work will help you when performing these tests.  All easy@Home and Areta drug tests are based on cutoff levels. The panels detect the metabolites in the urine for the specific drug they are testing. The metabolites in the urine are measured in nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL).  Each drug has a different cutoff level. You can refer to the image below for each drug cutoff level. For example: The cutoff level for marijuana (THC) is 50ng/mL. Any negative test result for THC means that the sample measured is below 50ng/mL. Any positive test for THC means the sample measured is 50ng/mL or higher. This example applies to all other drugs and their specific cutoff level.

All easy@Home and Areta dip card and drug test cups follow the FDA standards for cutoff levels.

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