Easy@Home Breathalyzer Calibration

Easy@Home Breathalyzer Calibration

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Recalibration & Service
Your Easy@Home breathalyzer uses a fuel cell sensor to measure breath alcohol levels and will require recalibration. The calibration period for your Easy@Home fuel cell breathalyzer is 6 months or 500 uses, whichever occurs first. If you receive erratic or high readings your breathalyzer may need recalibration. Do not attempt to service it yourself.
To maintain the breathalyzer, calibration is required every 6 months.

For best performance, alcohol breathalyzers should be  calibrated periodically. Calibration is a process in which our technicians adjust the software inside the breathalyzer so that it measures BAC levels accurately.

Over time, the sensor of the breathalyzer becomes saturated, and the results of the device can become inaccurate. You can think about it like resetting a clock in order to ensure best results.

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