Baby Rectal Thermometer with Fever Indicator EMT-027

Baby Rectal Thermometer with Fever Indicator EMT-027

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DIGITAL THERMOMETER FAST/COMFORTABLE READINGS: The Easy@Home Baby Rectal Thermometer provides a lightning-fast reading for kids, toddler, newborns alike. This kid and baby item is designed for rectal use only and features a short, flexible waterproof probe that is more comfortable than other models. The display takes only 10 seconds to register the temperature, featuring a liquid crystal display (safer than a mercury thermometer display that may break), with large numbers that can be easily read by both children and the elderly.


Operating mode: Direct Mode
Display: Liquid crystal display, 3 1/2digits, with backlight
Test time: 10~15 seconds
Memory: Last 10 memories
Battery: One 3.0V DC button battery type CR2032
Battery life: Approx. 200 hours of continuous operation or 1 year with 3 measurements per day
Dimension:3.66in×1.36in×0.71in (9.3cm×3.45cm×1.8cm)(L×W×H)
Weight: Approx.079oz (26 grams)including battery
Expected service life: Approx. 3 yrs
Ingress Protection Rating: IP 27

Ambient operating range: 
Relative humidity: 15%~95%RH

Storage and transportation condition: 
Temperature: -4℉~131℉( -20℃~55℃)
Relative humidity: 15%~95%RH

If the ambient temperature is less than 89.6℉ or 32.0℃, the LCD will display, if the ambient temperature is higher than 109.2℉ or 42.9℃, the LCD will display Hi.

Lubricate the metal probe tip with water-soluble jelly for easier insertion. Read the label of the lubricant to be sure you are using the right kind.

Perfect For Families:
Temperature results are fast (only takes 10 seconds) with Easy@Home Baby Rectal Thermometer. Comfort is prioritized for both baby and kids to with a short, flexible, and waterproof tip. Digital rectal thermometer has feverline technology which lets you know if your little one has no fever, a slight fever, or high fever with arrows on the display indication. Rectal thermometers are the best way to find the bodies true temperature, so find out if your child or baby has a fever with a fast and comfortable experience plus increased accuracy.

How To Use:
The proper position for a baby is to lay on its stomach with legs hanging down, either across your knees or at the edge of a bed or changing table. This positions the infant's rectum for safe and easy insertion of the thermometer.

Gently insert the probe tip approximately 1cm (less than 1/2") into the rectum. The guard above the tip (see figure 1) is designed to prevent over-insertion. If you detect resistance, stop. Hold the thermometer in place during measurement.

How to Read/Interpret:
Although the generally accepted "normal" temperature reading is 98.6°F/37℃, a temperature, taken rectally, ranging between 97.9-100.4°F is also considered normal. The best method to determine your baby's normal temperature is to use the thermometer when they are feeling well. Record the temperature twice a day (early morning and late afternoon). The average of the two temperatures is considered your baby's normal body temperature. Any variation from it may indicate some sort of illness and you should consult your pediatrician.

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