Easy@Home Smart Basal Thermometer EBT-300 Q&A

What is BBT?

BBT stands for "basal body temperature." Your basal body temperature is the temperature of your body taken immediately after you wake up first thing in the morning. The thermometer used for this is different than your typical thermometer . Because the changes in temperature can be slight, the thermometer has to be highly accurate usually displaying your temperature to the 1/100 of a degree (e.g. "96.42 degrees" compared to "96.4 degrees").

Your body's basal temperature changes in a regular pattern throughout your cycle, because of hormone changes in your body.

Tracking your temperature lets you know where you are at in your cycle. You are essentially using body heat to track your reproductive hormones. Knowing exactly where you are at in your cycle can give you valuable information about when you have the best chances to conceive.

How do I pair the device?
  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your device.
  2. Turn on Easy@Home Smart Basal Thermometer.
  3. Premom will automatically pair with your phone.
How do I take BBT?
  1. Upon waking up, turn on Thermometer. Place the probe under your tongue and take a reading.
  2. In 90 to 120 seconds, you will hear 2 short beeps and your temperature reading will be done.
  3. Your reading will automatically sync to your Smartphone if it is nearby, the Bluetooth is enabled, and the Premom app is running. If the app is not on or the Bluetooth is not enabled, the reading will be uploaded whenever the app is turned on and your thermometer is connected.
How do you use the BBT Chart?
  1. Swipe eft or right on any part of the chart to see past temperature charts.
  2. Spread or pinch the chart to zoom in or zoom out to see temperature scale based on a bigger or smaller date range.
  3. Tap on a temperature dot to see your temperature on that day.
  4. Tap "Edit" or "Delete" to change or delete a temperature recording of a certain day.
  5. Tap " View Table" to view temperatures in table format.
What will happen if I take more measurements in a day?

The algorithm of the app will use the earliest reading only.

You can manually delete on reading at Chart page if it is an unsuccessful one.

How to enter BBT manually?

User may gain access to the "Enter BBT" page from "Take BBT" button at home page, BBT Table or BBT chart. Tap the underline text to add a new temperature. Tap "-" and "+" buttons up and down to edit existing temperature record.

Will the smart Thermometer automatically power off?

Yes. The EBT-300 Smart Basal Thermometer will automatically power off 60 seconds (1 minute) after a measurement taking is complete or the temperature unit stops flickering and no other operation is carried out.

How long can a new battery last?

About 3 months if taking one measurement a day. Store the smart Thermometer in very hot or very cold ambient temperature will decrease the battery life.

Should I take BBT during my period?

Yes. We suggest you take BBT every day.

Why does it take nearly 2 minutes to take one measurement?

The temperature difference before and after BBT spike (around one day after ovulation) is normally 0.54˚F to 0.9˚F, to the BBT to be measured must be in high accuracy. Experiment stats suggest that 75-second is the minimum time for oral method. The ambient temperature and your body temperature balance status also impact the measurement complete time, and the real time it needs is usually one minute and a half to two minutes.

To ensure accurate reading, please be a little more patient.

How many cycles should I measure and sync the BBT to app Premom before I get an accurate ovulation prediction?

Minimum 3 cycles.

The smart app Premom provides options to input and mark test readings of LH and PdG which help the accuracy of the prediction.

Why do I have to log a period to get an ovulation prediction?

Your actual period information is valuable to Premom's advanced algorithm because it is an important part to how the the app predicts your ovulation. It will also need another input, such as OPK, results or BBT logs, but the app cannot work without your logged period record.

Why does the prediction of next period day not match the cycle length I input in registration?

If you are in period time when you sign up, you should select the start date of this period at ' When did your last period start?", not the start date of the previous period. Otherwise, the App deems your period hasn't started yet and predicts it to the nearest future day, i.e. the next day of your registration.

Can I mark or edit information of a day in the calendar page of the app Premom?

No. You can mark or edit information of present of past days only.

Can I cancel what I marked or edited?

Yes. Please implement true information only.