Easy@Home Bluetooth Smart Scale EBW-102 Q&A

Can you weigh on an uneven surface?

The scale is mean to be used on an even, hard and flat surface. Weighing on an uneven surface, such as carpeting will alter the results.

Can you weigh with socks on?

Yes, you can weigh with bare feet, socks or light shoes.

Does the scale need to be calibrated? When does it need to be calibrated?

Anytime you use the scale for the first time, replace the batteries, or move the location, a recalibration should be performed for accurate weight reading.

RECALIBRATION PROCEDURE: Simply step on the scale for a few seconds, then step down. Then wait until the display screen turns off. Typically, this procedure is needed a couple of times. Tip: The scale should not always have to be recalibrated. If you are receiving inaccurate results when weighing, a recalibration is recommended for accuracy.

Why won't my Bluetooth scale pair with my app downloaded onto my device?

There are several possible reasons the scale won't pair with the App on your mobile devices.

Bluetooth is not turned on the mobile device. Please make sure that the Bluetooth icon is ON on your device.

Make sure to download the "EasyHomeScale" app and set up your profile before weighing. The device cannot pair tp the Bluetooth if the app is not open. Make sure that the app is open when you step on the scale.

Follow the user guide for profile set-up. Be sure to select "Bathroom Scale" on the profile page for scale. . If you select the alternate "Bodyfat scale", Bluetooth option will not pair.

Some other Bluetooth device is connecting to the iPhone or other mobile device. Bluetooth on the mobile device can be paired only one device at anytime. If you have a Bluetooth headset or other devices connecting to your mobile device right now, the scales's Bluetooth won't be able to connect to the mobile device's Bluetooth at the same time. So, make sure that no other Bluetooth device connects to the mobile device first.

If user has multiple devices that have the "EasyHomeScale" App installed, user should make sure only to open the app on one device at any time. Otherwise , when the user steps on the scale, the Bluetooth on the scale won't pair and connect to only one of the devices randomly. Other devices won't get the data.

If the user wants to take another measurement immediately after one, please wait a few seconds to make sure that the LCD screen goes off. In this way, the Bluetooth connection from the first measurement will be properly disconnected.

The Android may ask to pair, enter "0000" when the scale tires to pair.

Android: If you cannot connect right away, select secure connect using the tool bar icon, select secure connect, and then it will prompt to enter "0000" for the first time connecting to the device. If you are using Marshmallow Android 6.0 operating system, have the location turned ON before connecting to the scale. Connectivity may need to be performed every time.

iOS: iOS devices do pair with the scale. It will connect to save data, but it will not be seen in the background settings of the iOS device. Please do not try to pair using your iOS background Bluetooth settings.

What are some things that cause inconsistent readings?

Inconsistent readings are usually caused by user error. Some helpful ways to avoid this are: Make sure the scale is placed on a hard, flat and even floor. Make sure the battery is operational. Make sure your scale has been re-calibrated. Try to weigh in at the same time every day. Your weight will fluctuate throughout the day. Weighing first thing in the morning before breakfast is preferred, because your weight will be at its lowest. Not standing straight will shift your weight on the scale . Standing straight ahead and balance will provide a more accurate reading.

Can the scale sync up to the date online or export data?

You can export the data collected by the scale from the EasyHomeScale app. Tp do that in the current version of the app, tap any data on the main page , and enter into the Graph of List page, the link for exporting data is at the upper right corner of this page. You can select the data and choose ways to share via: Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, etc.The list will only show a part of the decimals for the weight. To view all decimals, you must share the data.

As far as syncing up the data online, the scale connects and sends data the app via Bluetooth direct connection. The user can export data from the App. This model of scale itself is not Wi-Fi type. So, it won't connect or sync up the data online directly. The advantage of Bluetooth type is that it adopts the latest technology an ease for setting up; seamless connection and data transmission between the scale and app immediately without complicated IP configuration.


Android: Samsung phones have the option to share weight to S Health app.

iOS: iOS compatible iPhones (one apple user only) allows sharing to Healthkit app. From the Healthkit app, you can share to myfitnesspal app. Healthkit App. only supports iPhone, NOT iPad. It is an app that can be used with EasyHomeScale app to transfer and save with weigh ins automatically.

How do I make sure the Healthkit app will transfer the data? Where do I view the data in the Healthkit app?

During set up, download the Healthkit app if you haven't already. Once EasyHomeScale app is downloaded , go into the Healthkit app sources section and select EasyHomeScale icon. Make sure to turn ON all Write only data ( or at least Weight and BMI). All saved weight will automatically share to the Healthkit App from EasyHomeScale once used for weigh-ins and set up. WHen you want to view all the saved data in the Healthkit App., select "Body measurements" and scroll through your history of Health data for Weight and Body Mass Index.

How is this different than our other Bluetooth model CF351BT or any body fat Bluetooth scale?

The Easy@Home Deluxe Bluetooth Scale (EBW 102 model) is made to transfer weight and BMI to the EasyHomeScale App.it is an optional model for those people not concerned with added body measurements such as body fat % or bone mass.

What does the BMI stand for and how is it calculated?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person's weight and height. BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people, and it is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems. Tip: Select the correct fitness level in the "my information" section adjust parameters properly.

Why does the scale display weight in a different measurement than the EasyHomeScale App?

The scale has two options for weight measurement viewing on the LCD screen, lbs. or kg. You can switch between the two by pressing the tab inside the battery back. You must remove the battery back and expose the button right above the battery compartment. Once you select your preferred weight to view on the screen, it will stay until manually changed.

The EasyHomeScale App works independently of the scale measurement. In your "My information" in the EasyHomeScale app, you can choose the weight measurement to view in lbs. (pounds), kg(kilogram) or st. (stone). The app will automatically adjust the weight to the referred measurement regardless if the scale LCD screen measurement is the same as the weight measurement used.

Tip: Align both scale and app for seamless reading for other user. The app will convert automatically regardless based on weight type selected.