How to Use EMS to Stimulate Muscles

Did you know that shocking your muscles with electricity helps them grow and develop faster?

Did you know that EMS can reduce exercise, repair muscle damage, and help you recover better and faster from your workouts?

Did you know EMS can altogether make you stronger?

Well, this is why people buy and use electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS units. They believe EMS is an easy and safe way to gain muscle and strength faster and boost post-workout recovery.


How Does EMS work?

An EMS unit simulates the contraction and relaxation cycle of a muscle or muscle group, which helps to loosen muscle fibers. To some degree, EMS machines can stimulate the same cycles that occur when you are exercising your muscles. This form of electrical stimulation also works to improve blood flow to the muscles, which can result in more muscle growth.


How Do You Use Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

To use an EMS unit, you need to place the pads on the skin at each end of the muscle to be stimulated. Take the Easy@Home 029G device an example. There are 2 independent channels. Each wire is connected to two pads. A very small amount of current transfers from one pad to the next and completes a circuit using a muscle. Using EMS during training enhances a workout by delivering additional muscle contractions via an electrical impulse. This can lead to faster muscle growth, building muscle at a faster rate than normal. When people use EMS for muscle training, they typically wear the device while performing their routine workout or post workout.


To find more information on how to use EMS units to stimulate muscle and to learn more about the Easy@Home TENS+EMS Unit EHE029G, please watch the video:


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