Drug Test Screening for Labs and Clinics, CLIA-waved

Easy@Home and Areta drug tests and cups are all CLIA-waived. This means the tests are not complex to administer and there is little room for error. If your medical practice is in  “waived” status by the state, CLIA-waived drug tests are an option. All Easy@Home drug tests include a package insert showing exactly how to perform the tests. Due to the CLIA waiver, these drug tests are sure to be more accurate, simple, and easy to use.



Here are examples of facilities to which Easy@Home provide tests:

  • pain management clinics
  • primary care
  • psychiatry
  • orthopedics
  • addiction clinics
  • sober houses
  • outpatient rehab centers
  • hospitals

Benefits to Easy@Home/Areta Test CLIA-waived include:

  • rapid results for immediate patient follow up
  • can be administered with minimum training
  • a rigid product quality control process
  • less expensive/high sensitivity
  • objective tool; helps with more complete picture

When using CLIA-waived urine tests, remember to 1) keep an overview of quality control requirements 2) keep documentation of quality control activity 3) orient staff on how to perform tests 4) log  documentation (device name, serial number, schedule, maintenance activity) 5) monitor expiration dates by highlighting or circling 6) label equipment that is not on the CLIA application and 7) ensure the CLIA device list corresponds with the application.


Be aware of the following when administering CLIA-waived drug tests:

  • A knowledge of metabolic pathways can be helpful when determining false positives for cross- reactive substances. Many primary metabolites may be reactive, creating false positive results.
  • Know what questions you want to answer, advantages/limitations of the tests, and how to interpret data.
  • Make sure cost aligns with the expected benefits for the testing.
  • Be aware of the drug test threshold/cutoff level for each substance being tested.
  • Make sure you are testing comprehensively for all substances necessary.


Easy@Home customer service is available Toll-free: (855)822-6999 M-F 9am-5pm CST



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