Family Planning - SweetieSong EZD-100ST Pocket Fetal Doppler 3MZ Probe, Baby Heart Monitor

SweetieSong EZD-100ST Pocket Fetal Doppler 3MZ Probe, Baby Heart Monitor

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The SweetieSong EZD-100ST Pocket Fetal Doppler lets you listen to and record your baby's heartbeat at home as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy!

  • The Sweetiesong EZD-100ST Pocket Fetal Doppler is a hand-held obstetrical unit, which can be used at home for daily self-check by pregnant woman.
  • This Fetal heart monitor contains components of an ultrasonic signal transmitter and receiver, analog signals processing unit, FHR calculating unit, LCD display control unit etc.
  • The Sweetiesong EZD-100ST Pocket Fetal Doppler is a high-performance model with (fetal heart rate) LCD digital display.
  • Fetal heart monitor features 3 modes, including real-time FHR display mode, averaged FHR display mode, and manual mode. It has audio output and can be connected to earphone or recorder with audio input.
  • They use standard 2XAA 1.5 V alkaline battery.


Experience the joy of hearing your baby’s heartbeat and movement

From your own home you can hear the comforting sounds of your baby in the womb. Best time for use is 16 weeks into pregnancy. Although some may detect a heartbeat as early as 8 to 12 weeks. 16 weeks is the suggested time to begin usage with your Sweetie Song EZD-100ST device. Each week, as the baby grows stronger, it will be easier to hear the heartbeat.

Sweetie Song Baby Heartbeat Monitor Has It All to Please Parents

With a compact and durable design, Sweetie Song EZD-100ST offers 3 display modes. The built-in speaker with volume control and bright LCD backlit display made so easy for you to locate your baby position and start to enjoy. It will automatically shut off after a minute of non-use for your convenience.

We recommend liberal use of a lubricating gel?to reduce the static caused by moving the monitor around on the belly (gel is included).


  • This fetal heart monitor works best after 14-16 weeks of pregnancy
  • The baby heart monitor needs to be in contact with your skin through the gel
  • Normal fetal heartbeat is 120-160 beats per min
  • This baby heart doppler is not meant for diagnosing any conditions and you should consult a medical professional with any serious concerns.




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