Family Planning - SweetieSong 100S6 Blue Pocket Fetal Doppler, 3MHz Probe, Premium Package, Baby Heart Monitor

SweetieSong 100S6 Heartbeat Baby Monitor, 3MHz Probe, Premium Package

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The SweetieSong 100S6 Pocket Fetal Doppler lets you listen to and record your baby's heartbeat at home as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy!


  • FDA and CE Approved
  • Large back-lit LCD display
  • Waterproof probe
  • Automatically turns off after 1 min
  • 3 heartbeat display modes
  • Built-in speaker with volume control
  • Comes with batteries and ultrasound gel
  • Premium Package, perfect as a gift


  • This fetal heart monitor works best after 14-16 weeks of pregnancy
  • The baby heart monitor needs to be in contact with your skin through the gel
  • Normal fetal heartbeat is 120-160 beats per min
  • This baby heart doppler is not meant for diagnosing any conditions and you should consult a medical professional with any serious concerns.




Instruction Manual

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