Family Planning - SweetieSong 2.5mhz Pocket Fetal Doppler (100S5  Prenatal Baby Heart Monitor)

SweetieSong 2.5mhz Pocket Fetal Doppler (100S5 prenatal baby heart monitor)

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With the SweetieSong fetal doppler, you can listen to and record your unborn child's heartbeats, kicks, and hiccups from the comfort of your home!  Listen to your baby's heart beat from 12-14 weeks of Pregnancy until giving birth.

  • Safe, Reliable and Easy to Use;
  • Accurate FHR detection
  • Big Backlit LCD screen that shows the heart rate;
  • Listen to the baby's sounds either intimately with earphones (included), or on loudspeaker (on the base unit) with your loved ones.?
  • Prenatal baby heart monitor is more compact and easier to travel with
  • Battery: 9V alkaline Battery


  • A back lit LCD display
  • Built-in speaker with volume control
  • A waterproof probe
  • Automatic shutdown function after 1 minute
  • 3 modes to see the fetal heart rate (FHR): real-time display, averaged FHR display, and a manual display that shows the past 8 heartbeats

What's Included:

Main unit, earbuds with 35 mm jack, USB cable, audio cable, lanyard, 9V alkaline battery, user's manual, and gel



  • The doppler works the best after 14-16 weeks of pregnancy
  • The doppler needs to be in contact with the skin through the gel
  • The normal heart rate of an unborn child is 120-160 beats per minute
  • This device is not meant for any diagnosis and you should consult your doctor with any concerns


Sweetiesong Fetal Doppler 100S5 Download Instructions


Fetal Doppler FAQ 

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