Health Management - Areta Strep-A Test Kit For Strep Throat (25 Strips Per Box)

Areta Strep-A Test Kit for Strep Throat (25 Strips per box)

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The Areta Strep A Rapid Test Strip is a qualitative, lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of Strep A ohydrate antigen in a throat swab.

This test has an antibody specific to Strep A ohydrate antigen is coated on the test line region of the strip. The extracted throat swab specimen reacts with an antibody to Strep A that is coated onto particles.The mixture migrates up the membrane to react with the antibody to Strep A on the membrane and generates a red line in the test region. The presence of this red line in the test region indicates a positive result, while its absence indicates a negative result. To serve as a pedural control, a red line will always appear in the control region if the test has been performed properly. If a red control line does not appear, the test result is not valid.

Note, this product is for the professional in vitro diagnostic use only.



  • Detects group A streptococcal antigens to diagnose pharyngitis and strep throat
  • Includes positive and negative control samples to help interpret results
  • FDA Approved
  • Easy to read colored band results
  • Specificity: 98.4%, Sensitivity: 95.0%
  • 25 tests in a kit
  • Test results takes 10 - 20 minutes



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