Easy@Home 15-Pack Ovulation Predictor Kit Test Sticks + 5 Pregnancy Test Sticks

Easy@Home 15-Pack Ovulation Predictor Kit Test Sticks + 5 Pregnancy Test Sticks

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Easy@Home 15 Ovulation Midstream Test Sticks + 5 Pregnancy Test Sticks

  • WHY USE TEST STICKS? Either simply urinate on the test absorbent pad for 10 seconds -- no cup needed -- or dip the test tip in the collected urine sample for 10 seconds. The individual sealed midstream test sticks are easy to carry, giving you easy access to test at home or on the go. The Easy@Home 8 Ovulation Test and 2 Pregnancy Test Sticks are supported by the FREE Premom Ovulation Predictor App.
  • WHY THE PREMOM APP? Ovulation (LH) Test Sticks combined with the Premom App are specially designed for "Trying to Conceive” (TTC) women to get pregnant naturally. The Premom App helps track ovulation test results and predicts your most fertile days with confidence and accuracy, even if your cycle lengths vary. Premom makes the testing process even simpler by capturing and auto aligning tests, which helps you see your progression pattern without having to keep physical tests.
  • INTELLIGENT: Premom predicts the fertility window accurately using an advanced algorithm that incorporates all your fertility signs for the best prediction, including: ovulation test results, pregnancy test results, PdG test results, Basal Body Temperature (BBT), and other ovulation symptoms. You can easily track and view your cycle and fertility windows prediction at any time.
  • ACCURATE AND RELIABLE: Approved by the FDA and 99% accurate when tests are used properly. Levels of LH or hCG as low as 25 mIU/ml(FDA standard, For USA and Canada only). can be detected within 3 to 5 minutes. 2 Pregnancy (hCG) Tests included detecting pregnancy.
  • OTHER FEATURES AND SERVICES: Check out the Premom Integrated Easy@Home Basal Thermometer EBT-300 and other Ovulation Tests at Amazon by Searching “Easy@Home”. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed: Contact our experienced and professional customer service by calling 1-855-822-6999 or email us with any questions you may have. Refunds or returns are acceptable by brand owner, who is dedicated to being the best provider of home health tests.


Easy@Home Ovulation Test Sticks are easy-to-use, reliable and accurate NFP (Natural Family Planning) kit to help identify the best time to try to conceive and monitor your cycle. Track your LH surge even better with midstream ovulation test sticks combined with Premom App, available at iOS App Store and Google Play.

Why Midstream Easy@Home 15 Ovulation Tests?

  • NO cup needed: You may test in urine stream with easy to grip handle without cup. The test result can be recorded easily with Premom App (free to download) photo and auto alignment feature.
  • Reliable: 99% accurate in determining your LH surge; become aware of your LH pattern by testing regularly
  • Sufficient tests to minimize the chances of missing LH Surge

How to Test?

Dip or use midstream for 10 seconds, then read and record results within 3-5 minutes. With Premom App, tests are documented with auto-align feature. NO need to keep the used tests.

Interpretation of Results:

If the test line appears as dark or darker than the control line, you are positive for LH surge and ovulation should occur in 24-48 hours. Testing and monitoring the trend regularly will show the LH progression and avoid missing LH surge. Snap the test results with Premom App and monitor the LH progression today!


When to Test: 
Starting date varies. Product instruction included provides helpful chart to determine the starting day based on menstrual length. The IDEAL time for ovulation test is in the afternoon, though testing may safely take place from 10am to early evening.






Ovulation Midstream Test Download Instructions

Pregnancy Midstream Test Download Instructions 



Ovulation & Pregnancy Combo Test FAQ

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