Easy Healthcare’s Response to the FTC Settlement

Published on May 17, 2023

Easy Healthcare is proud to offer the Premom App, a safe and secure mobile application that helps women get pregnant naturally and quickly. We recently reached a settlement with the FTC.  Our agreement with the FTC is not an admission of any wrongdoing. Rather, it is a settlement to avoid the time and expense of litigation and enables us to put this matter behind us and focus on you, our users.

Rest assured that we do not, and will not, ever sell any information about users’ health to third parties, nor do we share it for advertising purposes. At Easy Healthcare, we adhere to the promises we make to our users. Protecting users’ data is a high priority, which is why we have always been transparent with and cooperated fully throughout the FTC’s review of our privacy program. We remain committed to these principles. For more information on how we protect user data, please read our Privacy Policy: https://healthcare-manager.com/pages/privacy-statement

We are proud to have assisted thousands of women in getting pregnant. We recently launched a new line of supplements to help women support their fertility and optimize their body and are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our Premium Prenatal Multivitamin, to be released in the near future! Stay tuned for details.