Pulse Oximeter Q&A

How do I open the battery compartment?

Step 1: Battery cap is closed. The red triangle is aligned with the red bar.

Step 2: Slide cap so the red triangle is aligned with the open circle.

Step 3: Battery cap can now be opened.

How do I close the battery compartment?

Step 1: Battery cap is open.

Step 2: Align triangle with open circle.

Step 3: Slide cap so that the red triangle is aligned with the bar.

How do I use the pulse oximeter?

Insert your finger, nail bed up, into the rubber cushion and close the clip. Press the power button on the front to start a reading.

Hold still while the reading takes place and you will get the reading directly from the display in 30 seconds or less. (Poor circulation or other conditions may take up to 1 minute for a reading)

TIP: The product will automatically turn off after 5 seconds of no signal.

How do I read the LCD display?

Pulse Bar Graph: displays corresponding visual with the user's pulse beat. The height of the bar graph shows the user's pulse strength.

SPO2: displays the oxygen saturation levels.

Pulse Rate: displays your pulse rate.

Pulse Wave From: Each wave corresponds to each beat of the heart, and the wave amplitude corresponds to the amount of blood flowing through the blood vessels. If the amplitude is low, this could indicate that your blood perfusion is too low for a reliable reading. We recommend you take another measurement, making sure your finger is positioned properly, under the LED lights.

How do I rotate the LCD display? How many modes does it include?

While the oximeter is on, each time you press the power button, the display will rotate 90 degrees between the 4 different LCD directional display options for easy reading.

There are 6 total operational modes included with the 4 different LCD directional options.

What can cause a false reading?
  • The Oximeter is meant to measure the resting pulse rate and oxygen levels, so for an accurate reading be sure you are at rest /holding still.
  • Poor circulation to the extremities can affect oximeter readings. Warm your hands and fingers before taking your pulse.
  • Fingernails that are too long can obstruct the laser reading.
  • Nail polish can obstruct the lasers ability to gather measurement.
  • Accurate readings are affected in the presence of high ambient lighting (e.g. sunlight). A towel can be used to cover the device if necessary.
  • Some people with medical conditions such as anemia, hypotension, and hypothermia can experience inaccurate readings during use. If this is the case, we suggest you consult with your physician.
Does the Oximeter save my results?

Unfortunately, the Easy@Home Pulse Oximeter does not save your results, as it is just for a quick reading.

What is the best way to safely clean the oximeter?

You can lightly wipe the inside using a soft clean, dry cloth to avoid damaging the unit. Never use any water or liquid to clean, and always be gentile. When necessary, you can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cloth or cotton swab to clean.

Why: For pulse oximeter to function properly, both light sources and photo detectors must be cleaned regularly. The red LED is visible and can be found easily. However, the infrared LED is not visible and it is normally located right next to the red LED.