Easy@Home Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer Q&A

How is an Infrared Ear Thermometer different than a digital thermometer?

An Infrared Ear Thermometer measures core body temperature. Ear thermometers are accurate in reflecting core (vital organ) body temperature since the eardrum is in the cranial cavity and it is not affected by the environment. Taking an ear temperature can help avoid inaccurate readings based on disadvantages of auxiliary, rectal and oral can present.

How can I take an accurate reading?

The ear canal must be parallel with the infrared light to get a proper reading. Some people need to tug the ear down to have the thermometer at a 90 degree angle. When ready to test, make sure the unit is powered on and press the TEST button. A reading should gather within seconds.


The right and left ear may register a different reading, so use the same ear for consistency.

The ear must be free of obstructions, such as hearing aids, ear buds, ear plugs, and ear wax in order to get a proper read. Any device must be removed for 20 minutes before testing. Use a fresh probe cover every time.

External factors may influence ear temperatures (i.e.- laying on one ear, covering ear(s), exposed to extreme temperatures, recently swimming or bathing).

Remove from the environment for 20 minutes before testing.

How can i switch modes from ear mode(body temperature) to object (surface) mode?

While the thermometer is ON, press and hold the Power and TEST button simultaneously. You will see the icon change from ear to an icon and vice versa. Then press the test button when ready to take a reading.

Tip: The device will shut off if i left idle for more than 1 minute.

How I take a room temperature reading?

Room temperature can be read on the thermometer when the unit is ON. It will appear on the upper left side with a thermometer icon next to it. The room temperature, date, and date will change every 3 seconds.

Tip: Room temperature should be placed on a table avoiding direct sunlight or air conditioner flow. Room temperature can also be reference 5 minutes after taking the temperature.

How do I clean the thermometer?

Use the probe covers for the most accurate readings and easiest way to have a sanitary surface to avoid cross contamination. If you are not using probe covers or ran out, make sure to clean the probe tip properly between uses using a damp cloth or alcohol based damp cloth. Allow at least 5 minutes for the unit to dry before use. it is recommended not sticking the entire probe in the ear, but use the tip to test.

Tip: Probe covers are meant for single use only! Probe cover use is encouraged for the most accurate readings.

Why doesn't the backlight stay on?

The backlight will display as Green for only 3 seconds , when turning ON the unit and after a reading registers.

What does the fever indicator show?

The fever indicator will show once a reading is complete for an ear thermometer result. A happy face icon will appear for a reading below 37.8˚C/100˚F. A sad face will be displayed next to the reading if it is above 37.8˚C/100˚F.

What is Real time?

Real time simply refers to the actual time during which the process or event occurs. The thermometer can display the temperature readings based on real time, but the unit must be properly set for the time and date before use.

How do I access the memory?

While the thermometer is ON, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The letter M will appear in the center left corner of the display. The memory mode can hold up to 10 readings. To navigate through the memory press the power button.

Tip: The memory can be accessed in either mode: Ear or Object temperature. Make sure to be in the correct mode before accessing the memory mode. Hold down the power button until it turns off or the unit will turn off automatically after the unit is idle for more than 1 minute.

How do I access the Settings mode?

When the thermometer is OFF, press dow the power button for 3 seconds. You can change the flashing portions of the time format, hour, and date using the TEST button. To navigate the next mode, press the power button. Once you are done with all settings, press the power button to exit the setting mode.

What does is mean when it displays "Er1"?

It means that the measurement was taken before the thermometer is ready. Please take a measurement until the ear symbol or Wi-fi symbol appears on the display.

What does it mean when it displays "Lo"?

In Ear mode, the temperature taken is lower than 82.4˚F (28.0˚C); In Object mode, temperature taken is lower than -4˚F (-20˚C) will display "Lo".