Privacy Policy for Apps


We may collect and use your related information when you choose our service. Through this Privacy Policy, we hope that guiding you know how we collect, use, store and share these information while using our service. Also we will provide the ways of visit, integrate and protect these information. The Privacy Policy is related to service which provided by Easy Healthcare Corporation. Hope you read it carefully and make the best suitable choice according to the guidelines of the Privacy Policy when needed.

If you using or continue using our service, it means that you agree with that we collect, use, store and share your related information obey to this Privacy Policy.

The information we may collect

It may need to collect, store and use the following information related with you when we provide the service. If you don’t provide related information, you maybe can’t enjoy the service we provided. Or it maybe can’t  reach to the effect with related service.

The information you need to provide:

When you using our service, there need to provide your related information such as height, birthday, gender etc..
Providing shared information to other parties through our service. 
Information will be stored when using our service. For example, you will be allowed to input your data to Healthkit.

The information we may share

All information will not be shared or sold to third parties if we and our related company did not obtain your permission, except for the situations as below:.

  • Proving our service to you;
  • You allow write data to Healthkit.

About Healthkit

When you using the App from Easy Healthcare Corporation, if you allow input the data to Healthkit:

  1. a) App will not use collected data from HealthKit used for advertising or similar services.
  2. b) In the absence of a user's explicit permission, App will not show any data to third parties HealthKit collected.
  3. c) App will not use collected data from HealthKit to be sold to the advertising platform, data information agent or dealer.
  4. d) If the user allows, App will use collected data from HealthKit shared with third parties for medical research.
  5. e) Healthkit won’t store the data in icloud.

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