Determining Easy@Home Drug Testing Results

Sometimes determining your drug test result can be confusing. Following the directions closely is essential for getting the most accurate results.


What else is important to remember when reading your result?


  • A faint line is always a negative result if a control line is present. Without a control line present, the test is invalid.
  • Negative results will appear as soon as 2 minutes, and positive results can be read in up to 5 minutes. Results after 5 minutes are always invalid.

There are some things to consider when determining your urine drug test result:


  • Think about the saturation level of the test. Make sure to dip the test for 10 seconds -- no more or less. Otherwise, the saturation can be incorrect, causing inaccurate results.
  • Easy@Home urine drug tests are based on FDA-approved cutoff levels. These cutoff levels act as a threshold to determine if the result is positive or negative. For example, the cutoff level for THC is 50 ng/mL.  Anything below this is a negative result, and above is a positive.
  • Cross-reaction is a possibility between the actual metabolite of the substance being tested and structurally related compounds. See the Easy@Home Cross Reaction Chart for more details.
  • Detection times can vary according to the drug taken and the amount of time since last use.



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