Factors for Passing Drug Tests

The idea of passing a pre-employment or employment drug test can be stressful. If you have smoked marijuana or have taken another drug, the prospect of drug screening can be nerve-racking. Certain jobs require regular testing. This is often true for positions that require operating heavy machinery or transportation. This is to ensure safety for their workers and for others.

Certain jobs have random drug testing and some have regularly scheduled drug testing. No matter the reason for the employment test, it is best to have a plan to pass the screening urine test. Make sure your urine sample will come up negative by monitoring with urine drug tests beforehand.


There are factors to keep in mind: type of substance used, when the substance was last used, frequency of use (one-time user vs chronic user, for example), and personal metabolism. Different substances leave your body at different rates.  For example, THC and Marijuana stay stored in your fat cells much longer than many other substances.

What can I do to naturally detoxify? Will it really make a big difference in my results?


  • Exercise, when done routinely, can help remove the toxins from your body, and raising your heart rate pumps fresh blood cells through your body. This is a good solution for a comprehensive approach, but it may take some time to see the results from this on your test, while you are abstaining from use.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids can help detoxify. Although only drinking water or tea will not make enough impact to sway your result greatly, it will help flush out your system by increasing your frequency of urination.
  • Eating small meals that are easy to digest -- such as veggies, fruits, foods high in fiber, beans, and whole grains -- is also a helpful long-term solution to detoxify.


Are there other shorter-term solutions to pass a drug test? The answer is yes, but they do not have the same guaranteed result. They are less likely to have a result that will make a big or lasting impact on passing your drug test.  These options include:

  • detoxing products
  • sitting in a sauna
  • using diuretics or diluting your sample
  • using adulterants like bleach
  • taking aspirin


Detoxing naturally is the best way to pass your drug test. If you know a pre-employment test is coming -- or you are in the detoxifying process -- the natural approach is the best. It may take longer to see the results from things like eating better and exercising, but it will be a better long-term solution to help you stay free of the substance.


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