How Do I Ensure Accuracy When Testing at Home?

Urine drug testing kits come in two different types at easy@Home. We offer Dip card tests and cup drug tests. Choosing between the two types depends on factors such as drug type, number of panels, number of tests, and security of results. Easy@Home has a wide variety of test combinations that will meet your needs.

Dip Cards

Dip cards are drug tests that need to be dipped into the urine sample. Simply dip the card for ten seconds and wait for the results. You can read more about how drug testing is done Here.  The process is the same for single and multi-panel dip cards. Single panel dip cards allow you to test for one specific drug at a time such as THC (marijuana) or COC (cocaine).  Multi-panel drug tests allow you to test multiple drugs at the same time. Choose from a selection of 4, 5, 6, 10, and 12-panel dip cards with different drug combinations. Depending on how often you test or how many people, there are different variations to choose from. Some variations start at a 2-pack, and options go up to a 200-pack.

Cup Tests

Cup tests are the second type to choose from. This type has a shorter testing process than the dip cards. Simply collect a sample directly into the cup, recap the test and wait 5-minutes. Peel the label to reveal the test results. Click here to read more about how the testing is done. Our drug test cups are offered in 5, 6, 10, 12 and 14-panel options. Two features that the cup tests have that are not on the dip cards are the temperature strips and adulteration strips. Every easy@Home and Areta cup comes with a temperature strip. The ECDOA-1144a3 comes with 3 adulteration strips. These features help determine if the sample collected is fresh and not tampered with.


Both types of tests are over 99% accurate when they are used properly. So, no matter what tests are needed, easy@Home has the variety of options to satisfy those drug testing needs. 

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