Drug Abuse and Addiction

The consequences of abusing prescription drugs or illegal substances can be severe for yourself or a loved one. Tools such as urine drug tests or other types of test detection are one way to manage and monitor recovery. The symptoms of drug addiction can be hard to recognize. Over a period of time, any type of drug takes hold and some form of treatment becomes necessary.

Addiction is a complicated disorder of the brain characterized by compulsive drug abuse. Repeated use of drugs alters the way the brain works, especially as far as executive functioning.

What does this mean?

The ability to postpone gratification is inhibited in a person who suffers from drug addiction.

Over time, the brain becomes adjusted to the amount taken, and more and more of the substance is required to get the same high feeling. Unfortunately, at the same time, the person’s inability to think clearly, control his or her behavior, and exercise good judgment is being impaired.

Because the urge is so strong, the mind rationalizes the addiction. It becomes a cycle where the users may underestimate the negative impact the substance is having on them both physically and psychologically.

 Overcoming Addiction is Possible

  • It is not about willpower.
  • Addiction is a brain disease that can be treated and reversed through medication, exercise, therapy, and other treatments.
  • Recovery can start at any point during the addiction process.
  • Forcing users into treatment can sometimes be helpful. Once they are sober and thinking more clearly, they may want to change
  • Recovery may have setbacks; this is a signal to get back on track – it is not failure.

 Figuring out how to make that first step can be confusing; at home drug tests give you an option to know where you stand in the process of recovery. You or your loved one may be struggling with certain substances. There are many test panel options to choose from to ensure you are addressing those same drug metabolites, either by drug cup or dip card form.

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