Combating Common Chronic Pain

The most common types of chronic pain are chronic back pain, headaches, joint pain and nerve pain. Back and headache pain are the most common types of acute and chronic pain. Chronic joint pain comes next; it is a very common condition, whether caused by different types of arthritis or by repeated trauma to joints from accidents or sports injuries. Here is a more in-depth look at chronic pain.


Chronic Back Pain

In the U.S. more than 84 percent of adults will experience chronic back pain in their lives. Often occurring in the lower back, the pain may be caused by an injury or may develop progressively due to arthritis, osteoporosis, or normal wear-and-tear. About 20 percent of people affected by acute lower back pain develop chronic lower back pain with persistent symptoms, after one year.


Chronic Headaches

A chronic headache is one which occurs for at least 15 days per month and continues longer than three months. 50 percent of the adult population will report headaches during a the year and more than 90 percent will suffer from chronic headaches over their whole lifetimes. Here are some common types of chronic headaches:

  • Tension headaches- from stress, fatigue, or sleeping wrong.
  • Eye strain headaches-from when the ocular muscles become strained
  • Migraines- from nervous system triggers or hormonal irregularities
  • Cluster headaches- from the enlargement of blood vessels in the head.


Chronic Joint Pain

Chronic joint pain can range from mild to severe. It usually lasts for months or years. If you experience joint pain, you likely will have a limited range of motion as well. To restore normal joint function, it is important to know what is causing your joint pain, so that it can be properly treated.


Chronic Nerve Pain

Chronic nerve pain may be caused by many reasons. Usually chronic nerve or neuropathic pain is associated with diabetes, chronic alcohol intake, certain cancers, vitamin B deficiency, infections, other nerve-related diseases, toxins, and certain drugs.


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