What Causes Common Muscle and Joint Pain?

The main categories for muscle and joint pain include: injury, infection, autoimmune disease, stress and tension, and other conditions. Overuse injury, a common reason for pain, is created when athletes perform the same activity repeatedly without varying their routine. Muscle and joint pain can come from common infections such as the flu, or even the common cold. Stress and tension can be a reason for muscle and joint pain as well.


Exercise and hard physical labor can often be the reason for pain. Most muscle and joint pain is caused by overuse or misuse of our body. Overuse irritates the nervous system, forming muscle tension and trigger points. Eventually this leads to pain. Sometimes the muscles will then pull too much or not enough on the joints. Muscle pain can involve more than one muscle, such as: ligaments, tension, and soft tissues -- called facia -- that connect the bone, muscle, and organs.


Autoimmune diseases such as Lupus cause inflammation and damage to the joints and muscles, as well as pain.  Another disease that commonly causes pain in the muscles and joints is fibromyalgia-a neurological condition-causing pain throughout the body and severe fatigue.

Other muscle and joint pain causes include:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • electrolyte imbalance
  • side effects of cholesterol drugs


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