Large Cuff Blood Pressure Machine: Easy@Home Bluetooth Enabled Smart Automatic Upper Arm Cuff Bp Monitor | Unlimited Memory and Sharing | App for iOS & Android | EBP-08B

Large Cuff Blood Pressure Machine: Easy@Home Bluetooth Enabled Smart Automatic Upper Arm Cuff Bp Monitor | Unlimited Memory and Sharing | App for iOS & Android | EBP-08B

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Why buy Easy@Home Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor?

Now the elderly and stressed young people have higher needs for the bp machine. The traditional measurement has lengthy records, but with the upper arm intelligent Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor, you can carry the data with you and share it with anyone including your doctors with just one click. You can view the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly measurements to help you understand the changes of the body and keep healthy.

  • NOTE: This product is only sold in the United States !
  •  Blood Pressure Machine with Free Bluetooth Enabled Smart APP: Easy@Home ‘s newly launched Auto-sync Blood Pressure Monitor can connect to the free MedM Health APP via Bluetooth. You can easily store and view daily, monthly, and yearly measurements on your smartphone, and share PDF/CSV reports with your family or doctor. It can measure your blood pressure and pulse rate simultaneously, and automatically identify and alert you of any heart rate disorder
  • Automatic BP Cuff Detection and Clear Large Screen Display: With the large backlit screen display, this intelligent Bluetooth bp arm monitor clearly displays the measurements, making reading easier. Whether it is day or night, it can provide clear and accurate readings for your health reference. Using automatic arm detection technology: If the cuff is not worn correctly, you will be prompted on the screen to readjust the cuff till you see a “ok”.
  • 500 Memory on the Monitor, Unlimited with APP: The new Easy@Home Bluetooth blood pressure monitor supports three independent users (Guest user cannot view history data on the monitor), up to 500 records (250 for each user), each reading has a timestamp, and intelligently averages the last three readings to provide you with a more comprehensive and accurate health data. Meanwhile, the free MedM health APP can store unlimited amounts of data.
  • Accurate Measurement and One Button Operation: This new Bluetooth blood pressure monitor uses advanced measurement technology to provide you with the most accurate data. Just press the “START” button to start measuring blood pressure and heart rate. It is suitable for the elderly.Adjustable cuffs are comfortable and suitable for most arms, that can be adjusted 8.6”~ 16.5” (22cm ~ 42cm) for a large cuff kit. Non-slip rubber pad that holds the machine in place during measurement to avoid errors
  • Portable and Reliable: Our blood pressure monitor kit includes a storage bag, four AAA batteries, and a USB cable (plug and use, non-rechargeable). It can store not only the BP machine itself, but also the large cuff. Automatic shutdown after non-operation for one minute to avoid battery power consumption, effective prevention of forgetting to shut down the machine after use. Provide you a reliable performance with reasonable price


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