Fertility Thermometer Q&A

How do I turn on and take a measurement?

To turn on the unit, push the I/O/S button ( the button on top of the device), the backlight display will turn on and the item will beep once. Then you should see the unit 'F' or 'C' on display start to blink, which means the thermometer is ready for temperature measurement. 

TIP: The unit for 'F' or 'C' on the display will blink for about 15 seconds after power on and stop with ‘Lo °F’ or ‘Lo °C’. Please insert the sensor tip into the mouth as soon as possible. If the unit 'F' or 'C' stops blinking, you have to turn it off, then turn it on again and insert the sensor tip into the mouth while it's blinking. 

Why does it take so long to get the reading?

Using the thermometer appropriately should take about 120 seconds. When taking a measurement, place the sensor tip well under the tongue and keep your mouth closed. 

Why does it beep when I am not using it?

This thermometer has an alarm feature. Users have the option to set an alarm to help the users wake up to take their measurement at the same time every day. 

How do change the temperature measurement °F or °C?

Press down on the I/O/S button until the °F or °C symbol flashes. Use the up or down arrow to change between °F or °C, and then wait for the symbol to stop flashing. 

TIP: If you need to change other settings like the date, time, alarm time, alarm function , press down the I/O/S button until the corresponding symbol flashes. Then you can us the arrows to change to the desired setting.  

How do I know the measurement is done?

When the peak temperature is reached, the °C or °F symbol will stop flashing and the backlight will be on. If the temperature is lower than 37.5 °C or 99.50 °F, the thermometer will beep three times as the completion alert. 

If the temperature is more than 37.50 °C or 99.50 °F, the thermometer will "BeBeBe" ten times. 

How do I access the memory?

Having the unit off, press the up or down arrow to access the Memory. You can navigate through recorded temperatures using the up or down arrows. Turn off the unit by pressing the I/O/S button when you are finished. Up to 60 readings will be saved in the memory, and they cannot be manually deleted. 

TIP: Use the Premom App. to easily chart your basal readings. . It will give you a visual graph to view the changes in your monthly charting.  

How many readings does it hold?

The thermometer will hold 60 readings. After the 60 readings have been met, the unit will automatically delete the oldest temperature reading one at a time to make room for a new temperature. It is good to use The Premom App to chart and archive readings.

Can I manually delete out of Memory?

Yes. This can be done by going into the Memory function. Once the Memory portion is up, press down on either the  up or down  arrow and the I/O/S button simultaneously to erase ALL. Please keep in mind, you will delete all recorded memory. There is no option to delete records one at a time.