Easy@Home Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Q&A

Where do you position the thermometer to measure body temperature?

The default position of this thermometer is 1.2 to 2 inches from the center of the forehead for measuring body temperature.

Can I measure Body Temperature from another part of the body?

It is not recommended, but this model of thermometer does provide the option to measure from body parts other than the forehead if there is no hair on this spot. However, you should use the recalibrate operation before you change the measured part. There is a detailed description in the User manual on how to recalibrate. Make sure you fully understand the operation steps before trying.

How long does it take for the reading to appear?

The reading should appear very quickly, within one second.

Why does the reading vary with several measurements?

TIPS For Proper Readings: Make sure the sensor lens is 1.2 to 2 inches from the center of the forehead. Make sure there is no hair occlusion or sweat on this part of forehead. Ensure no wind is blowing through the thermometer and forehead. Accuracy of the measurement is guaranteed if used correctly.

Can the thermometer be read in Fahrenheit and Celsius?

Yes, it can be switched to measure either unit.

How do I recalibrate the thermometer?

The F4 function will be needed in order to recalibrate. Instructions are provided in the user manual. Recalibration is to compare the body temperature reading of the conventional thermometers with the reading of Easy@Home Non-Contact thermometer at the forehead or other body spot, then adjust the difference of measurement. If you are using this method to compare, make sure to get multiple readings using your conventional thermometer to get a consistent and reliable reading.

Steps to Recalibrate:

  1. Turn on the thermometer by pressing the Scan button.
  2. Press and hold the Mode and C/F key at the same time for 3 seconds. The screen will then display:"F4".
  3. Press Mode to increase or C/F key to decrease the adjustment by 0.1 C or 0.1 F.
  4. Pressing the "Mem" key will save the setting and reset the thermometer to the desired measurement setting.
I got measurement readings 0.5 F lower than the readings from a conventional thermometer. Is this a quality problem?

No. It is understandable that the non-contact thermometer measures the surface temperature of the forehead, and the forehead temperature is no the same as body temperature. Therefore the manufacturer makes a compensation for the difference with a great value generated from statistics basing on the normal average people. Then we can get the body temperature value directly from the reading. However, that does not rule out the possibility of minor compensation differences for very small. percentage of people.