6 Progesterone (PdG), 25 Ovulation (LH), and 15 Pregnancy (HCG) Combo Urine Test Strip Kit

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What is PdG test? Pregnanediol Glucuronide (PdG) is the major urine metabolite of Progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that helps prepare the female body for conception and pregnancy. Levels of Progesterone in the female body are low in the first half of the menstrual cycle, but will rise significantly after the ovulation. Easy@Home® Progesterone (PdG) Test Strip measures the presence of PdG in urine, which has been shown to directly correlate with the presence of progesterone in blood. A Positive PdG test result may confirm that the ovulation has occurred. 

Why do I need to take PdG test? While LH testing is a reliable way to detect ovulation for many women, due to several factors, ovulation may be irregular and may not occur at the same time each menstrual cycle or even may not occur at all. Therefore, PdG urine testing should be performed each menstrual cycle to “double check” if ovulation has occurred to remove any ambiguity or doubt. PdG test also allows TTC women double check ovulation at home before consult physicians for suspected infertility or subfertility issue. Combing accurate LH Test and PdG test makes natural family planning (NFP) journey much easier. 

Why should I take both LH and PdG test? WHO experts state that LH (Luteinizing Hormone) testing is a reliable way to detect ovulation. Ovulation will occur after 24-48 hours following a positive test It is recommended you test for PdG starting 5 days after your positive LH tests until you get a positive result. Together this combo kit will help you to get pregnant quicker or confirm ovulation with more ease of mind. You will receive: Easy@Home individual packed 25 LH Ovulation Test, 6 Progesterone (PdG) Test and 15 hCG Pregnancy Test Strips

PdG Test FAQ


-NEWLY Launched 3-in-1 Ovulation Prediction AND Confirmation Kit: Includes urine Progesterone ( PDG) Tests plus Ovulation (LH) Tests and Pregnancy (hCG) tests in one package. By using all 3 tests, you can not only PREDICT but also CONFIRM ovulation to help you get pregnant sooner and easier.

-4 KEY Benefits of Progesterone Test: 1) Allows you to "double check" ovulation has occurred without the need for daily temperature charting; 2) Allows you to track your ovulation even when it is hard to determine your LH Surge day; 3) Helps to identify low progesterone, a main cause of infertility and subfertility; 4) Alerts you when a positive ovulation test is not followed by ovulation as the false positive ovulation test is common in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

-WHY USE A 3-IN-1 Solution? 1 out of 6 couples have trouble conceiving a child. By using 3 type of tests together, you will get a complete picture of your ovulation cycle and determine when the ovulation really has occurred and if you are ovulating normally. This information will allow you to identify possible hormonal irregularities that can cause infertility so that you can see a doctor in order to have a successful pregnancy sooner.

-EASY AND ACCURATE: Quick and easy to use tests: dip the strips in urine for 3-5 seconds and read results 3 minutes later. Results are over 99% accurate.

-QUALITY AND SERVICE: 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed: experienced and professional customer service are available for any questions coming up. Refund or return are acceptable by brand owner, who is dedicated to be the best home use tests provider.


     The IDEAL time for ovulation test is from the afternoon to early evening. And it is recommended to use first Morning Urine for PdG and hCG test



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    PdG Test FAQ

    Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Strip FAQs

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    Jenna Richardson
    I recommend this product

    PDG tests don't work

    I mainly bought this box due to the pdg test strips. Every single time they had a faint pink line. I used them with first morning urine from 5DPO to 10DPO. Yet I had bloodwork on 6DPO which said my pdg was 17.1 so I don't trust these strips anymore. Clearly my blood pdg was positive, but these test strips continued to say negative. Disappointing, since these strips are what cause the box to be so expensive.

    Easy@Home/Premom Fertility

    Jenna, so sorry to hear that. Please note that blood and urine work differently to pick up the metabolite levels. Also, we can review your pDG test results.I am wondering if any had days of no T line or barely visible T lines? This may indicate the pdG surge. We hope to hear back soon and offer a resolution. Warm Regards, Laura Premom Support Team

    • Length of Use Less than six months

    Great product

    Use these tests all the time while ttc. Love them!

    • Length of Use Less than a week

    Great experience

    Had great experience dealing with your company and product fast delivery and very helpful customer service a little delayed in sending g tracking number but the rest is great