Easy@Home Progesterone (PDG Test) Urine Test Strips Kit -10 Tests

Easy@Home Progesterone (PDG Test) Urine Test Strips Kit -10 Tests

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✔ PROGESTERONE (PDG) urine test is an easy-to-use at home test to measures progesterone metabolites (PdG) in urine to “CONFIRM” ovulation to help you get pregnant sooner and easier. This qualitative test shows positive when it detects 5ug/ml or more of PdG in urine sample. Based off our clinical data, this cutoff level is equivalent to ~6-9 ng/ml of serum progesterone (progesterone level in blood). Women typically have higher progesterone level than this cutoff level few days after ovulation day
✔ 4 KEY Benefits of Progesterone Test: 1) Allows you to "double check" ovulation has occurred without the need for daily temperature charting; 2) Allows you to track your ovulation even when it is hard to determine your LH Surge day; 3) Helps to identify low progesterone, a main cause of infertility, subfertility and early pregnancy loss; 4) Alerts you when a positive ovulation test is not followed by ovulation as the false positive ovulation test is common in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
✔ WHY A PDG Solution? Using these tests helps determine if you are ovulating normally. This information will allow you to identify possible hormonal irregularities that can cause infertility, subfertility and early pregnancy loss so that you can see a doctor to have a successful pregnancy sooner.
✔ EASY AND ACCURATE: Quick and easy to use tests: dip the strips in urine for 3-5 seconds and read results 3 minutes later. 1 line means positive and 2 lines means negative. Results are 99% accurate. The cutoff level is 5 ug/ml (Microgram/milliliter) units. 5ug/ml is equal to 5000 ng/ml (Nanogram/milliliter) for conversion purposes.
✔ QUALITY AND SERVICE: 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed: experienced and professional customer service are available for any questions coming up. Refund or return are acceptable by brand owner, who is dedicated to being the best home use tests provider.


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Theresa M.
United States

Not accurate.

I tested five days last cycle. I got a light pink line all five days. I know for a fact that I’m at least four of the five days, my progesterone level was over 5, as I had it verified with blood work. Very disappointing for the price.

Easy@Home/Premom Fertility

Theresa M. thanks so much for your honesty. It sounds like you may have missed your surge. Testing using first morning urine and knowing what day to test is important. Also, you are testing the metabolite of progesterone in urine. This will vary when comparing with blood work. We would love to offer a solution overall. Please reach out directly to support@premom.com . We look forward to hearing from you! Warm Regards, Laura Premom Support Team