Pre-employment Drug Testing Screening

How the Pre-Employment Drug Testing is Done.

Pre-employment drug testing is not an uncommon practice for many employers across the United States. Private companies have the power to set their own drug testing standards while federal institutions are set and regulated by law. Employers might drug test for a variety of reasons including: reducing workplace health risks, increasing employee production and reducing liability. The type and degree of drug testing varies from job to job.  Some occupations taking using illegal drugs more serious than others. For example: A police officer and school bus driver would be tested more vigorously than an accountant. There are 5 different types...

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Factors for Passing Drug Tests

The idea of passing a pre-employment or employment drug test can be stressful. If you have smoked marijuana or have taken another drug, the prospect of drug screening can be nerve-racking. Certain jobs require regular testing. This is often true for positions that require operating heavy machinery or transportation. This is to ensure safety for their workers and for others. Certain jobs have random drug testing and some have regularly scheduled drug testing. No matter the reason for the employment test, it is best to have a plan to pass the screening urine test. Make sure your urine sample will...

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