Chronic Pain

Combating Common Chronic Pain

The most common types of chronic pain are chronic back pain, headaches, joint pain and nerve pain. Back and headache pain are the most common types of acute and chronic pain. Chronic joint pain comes next; it is a very common condition, whether caused by different types of arthritis or by repeated trauma to joints from accidents or sports injuries. Here is a more in-depth look at chronic pain.   Chronic Back Pain In the U.S. more than 84 percent of adults will experience chronic back pain in their lives. Often occurring in the lower back, the pain may be...

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How to use TENS for pain relief?

How to Use TENS for Pain Relief?

Overview TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The TENS therapy is one of the most widely used forms of pain relief. By using this small, battery-operated device, a TENS Unit can block pain signals from reaching the brain and potentially reduce the need for pain medication. Because TENS are inexpensive, non-invasive, safe -- with no major side effects and no potential for toxicity -- TENS can be self-administered following simple training   How Does a TENS Unit Works? The TENS machine sends electrical current that travels through electrodes and into the skin, stimulating specific nerve pathways . This blocks...

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