How to Place TENS Pads for Different Chronic Pain?

TENS stands for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.” This is a pain management technique in which small electrodes are placed on the skin and used to administer low intensity, rapid electrical pulses. It is a safe, easy-to-use, drug-free method of pain relief used by hospitals and physiotherapists for over 50 years. It is now used by many individuals in the comfort of their own homes.
It is important for you to understand where it is safe to use the electrodes on your body. Placing the electrodes in the proper area is the first step to achieving the most benefit from your TENS or EMS unit. The EHE012PRO Electronic Pulse Massager is a professional model of the Easy@Home TENS Units product line. It can be used for many types of chronic pain.

Stiff shoulders are presumably caused by the following: blood flow issues of the trapezius muscle that moves shoulders, compression of nerves by the accumulation of lactic acid, or poor blood circulation of subcutaneous tissues, such as muscles. This type of muscular stress can potentially be dangerous if it is chronic, due to the proximity of the neck. To relieve yourself of discomfort and pain, use the Easy@Home Electronic Pulse Massager EHE012PRO on your shoulders. Start with the electrode pads on either side of the center of the painful area, and adjust the distance of the pads to the source of the pain for the best results without placing them directly on the area of pain.

Back pain has various causes. Sitting for too long, having weak hip flexors, or exercising can aggravate pain in our hips and waist. The type of back pain that can be treated by low-frequency therapy includes stiffness of the lower back, muscle pain, and nerve pain. To alleviate tension or pain, attach the electrode pads to the regions where you feel pain, with the backbones as the center. Space the pads from 2 inches to 6 inches apart for the best results.

Joints (KNEE, ELBOW)
Athletes and arthritis sufferers really feel the painful effects of tight joints. Use electrotherapy to massage these areas to bring comfort and relief. Experiment with placement of the pads to find the position that brings you the most relief.
Sole (Feet)
Wearing high heels, running, walking, or unexpected trauma can cause muscle spasms and pain in our feet. Swelling and fatigue of feet is presumably caused by the poor reflux of blood and body fluid. To relieve your feet of the daily stress theses muscles endure, attach the electrode pads to the soles of your feet. It can also be used on your ankles and the tops of your feet.

Carpal tunnel can be extremely painful and can greatly limit your ability to use your hands and arms. TENS therapy can help alleviate the pain from this and similar ailments. This can be a sensitive area for some individuals; we recommend to start your treatment at the lowest setting, and increase gradually as needed.
Thighs and Calf
Bicyclists know the incredible stress and strain that your thigh muscles can experience. Swelling and fatigue of the area is presumably caused by blood flow issues and accumulation of lactic acid in those regions. Attach the pads to your upper and lower calf, or to the top and back side of your thighs. This is an easy way to relax and de-stress this area.

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