How Drug Testing Is Done at Home

Drug testing at home is a very simple process. It is important to follow this process to ensure the most accurate results. Easy@Home drug tests are over 99% accurate when they are properly administered. The proper testing process depends on the type of urine test that you have. You can choose between a dip card test or a cup test.


For Dip Cards…

You will need to collect a fresh urine sample in a clean container. We recommend using first morning urine when testing. This way the sample is most concentrated for the most accurate results. After you collect the sample, remove the cap and dip the exposed test in the urine for 10 seconds. Do not dip past the marked line indicated on the test.  After the 10 seconds, replace the cap back on the test and lay it flat. Set a timer for 5 minutes. When the timer is done, you can read your results. Do not read the results after 5 minutes. Those results will be invalid.


For Drug Cups…

The process is even simpler. You do not need a separate container like the dip cards. Make sure the cup test is clean and dry before using. We recommend using fresh first morning urine, just like the dip card process.  Remove the cap and urinate directly into the test cup. There needs to be enough urine to fill up to the minimum urine level as indicated on the label. Replace the cap and set a timer for 5 minutes. After the 5-minute timer, peel off the label to reveal the test window. The test window will show you all the testing panels with test lines. Remember not to read the test results after 5 minutes. Test results read after 5 minutes will be invalid.


Whenever you need drug testing, you now know the process to test within the comfort of your own home.



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